I just finished speaking on Internet Marketing for Veterinarians -

Eventually, I’ll post the video.

I’m a firm believer in using the media (TV, Radio, Newspapers) to promote my clients’ offline businesses.  It’s the ultimate in social proof for your clients, and probably one of the easiest ways for you to keep a lifelong marketing customer (you can show that you are VERY different from the other so-called offline marketing experts).  This month I was able to get a spot for myself and a Veterinarian in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Check Out The October Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine (P.22)


Read It Online: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220354

In all honesty, it’s extremely easy to get featured in a major magazine if you have a good story to tell.  Remember that writers need to fill their articles with quality content, just as much as you need your product or service to be publicized.

All that it really takes is a well written Press Release, submitted through the proper channels.  Start with  a few small local papers, and work your way up as your confidence level builds. There’s nothing stopping YOU from doing the same for your marketing business or your clients!

Quick Questions For Discussion -

1. What Kind Of PR Have You Received For Your Business / Clients?
2.  How Did You Go About Obtaining The Media Attention?



If you’re a fan of “The Godfather” films, you’ll appreciate this “video mash-up” that I filmed during my long stay in Sicily.

Although the film will lead you to believe that the Italy scenes from the Godfather were filmed in Corleone, this is not true.   They were actually filmed in the small town of Savoca because Corleone was too developed to film a rural scene.

This video will walk you along Savoca and show you “Bar Vitelli”, the bar where Michael discusses the marriage with Apollonia’s father.  You will also view  the church known for the famous  wedding scene from Godfather I (when Michael marries Apollonia).   You will then continue up through the city to experience the amazing view!

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